Online Speed Maths Programs for Years 3-6

Speed Maths Programs
Why You’ll Love our Speed Maths Program
Why do some people possess superior mental calculation abilities? Is it because they have a better memory, or is it because they have more practice?

Find out and inspire your child with some of our speed maths techniques. Our program is here to spark excitement and empower your child’s educational journey through learning maths creatively.

Non-traditional Techniques
Our speed maths techniques are eye-opening for children and encourage them to actively engage in out-of-the-box thinking. We provide an opportunity for children to have a different mindset towards learning maths.

Watch our 4-minute sample lesson to inspire your child and encourage them to think about maths more creatively.

Video Lessons
The video lessons we provide are easy to follow with multiple examples to reinforce the techniques your child will learn.

Topics covered in our introductory program are designed for children in years 3/4, whilst our advanced program is designed for children in years 5/6.

Online Exercises
Interactive content and engaging questions are supported by our online platform. These exercises are designed to help your child to apply and master new techniques, which can also be applied to problem solving questions. Your child can also set their own flexible pace of learning.
5 Reasons Your Child need Speed Maths
1) Boosts speed, accuracy, and confidence
2) Deepens understanding of maths
3) Fosters curiosity
4) Improves concentration
5) Advances creativity and lateral thinking skills
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Speed Maths (Introductory)
Recommended for children in years 3-4.

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Speed Maths (Advanced)
Recommended for children in years 5-6.

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