About Us

3C Learning began like many start-ups – built on a dream, created in front of a single home computer screen in Australia. Beginning with something as simple as hard-copy learning materials, 3C Learning, established in 2015, was built upon years of teaching experiences, trial and error, and continuous engagement with customer feedback. It’s through our commitment to creating innovative educational materials that we’ve been able to become what we are today.

We are devoted to designing and developing high quality educational software and programs that help unleash children’s potential. They allow teachers to easily deliver content in class, parents to inspire their children with different learning techniques, and students to spark excitement in their learning. Our software and programs are dedicated to the educators, parents, and students who, like us, love learning and discovering new techniques for boosting scholastic potential.

3C Learning

3C Learning’s educational software and programs have frequently received positive feedback from schools, parents, and students (Visit our gallery here). They are hugely popular for their fun, easy-to-learn, non-traditional techniques, as well as the unique AR experience provided in our science experiment app.

3C Learning’s science software is available for download via App Store or Google Play, and our programs are also available online directly from the 3C Learning website.