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Do you want your child to learn how to think outside-the-box?

We all want our children to be creative thinkers, because lateral thinking is the basis for innovation. Creative and lateral thinking play an integral role in societal advancement as well as in the creation of ideas. Not only is lateral thinking important for learning, it is also essential in the workforce and in starting one’s own business in the future. Thus, it is essential that we stimulate lateral thinking skills in our children as soon as we can.

However, lateral thinking is not prescribed in any contemporary school syllabus or conventional elementary textbook. The education system has failed to recognize the importance of this invaluable skill. So as parents, are there any ways to stimulate creative thinking within your child?

The short answer is: yes.

We understand the importance of stimulating creative and lateral thinking skills in young children. Thus, we have developed a lateral thinking program based on our own structured lateral thinking model.

Lateral Thinking Model

We have successful run this program on several occasions at the University of New South Wales (GERRIC program), with consistent, positive feedback from both parents and students.

You don’t want your child to be bound by a single, rigid approach when they are solving problems. Our lateral thinking program aims to challenge students to be creative and inquisitive thinkers instead, enabling them to tackle difficult problems through a variety of lateral perspectives. After an initial attempt, students are inspired by a new perspective on a problem. Then, they are encouraged to reapproach the problem, viewing it in a new and intriguing light. Next, students are inspired to apply this unique thinking mechanism to new questions. As a result, this specific lateral thinking model empowers students to be creators of their own perspectives.

Thinking laterally can be rather challenging; therefore, the main purpose of this program is to provide a few interesting topics and demonstrate ways of thinking about problems in different, innovative ways. Together, we will explore the mystery of magic squares, counting embedded figures and irregular 3D cubes, discover different types of number and diagram patterns, and much more. To improve your child’s lateral thinking skill, enroll in our online GAT series: Lateral Thinking program today.

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