Online Lateral Thinking Program for Years 5/6

Lateral Thinking Program
Why You’ll Love our Lateral Thinking Program
Do you want your child to learn how to think outside-the-box, and use creative approaches to solve problems? How can we train lateral thinking?

Although thinking laterally can be rather challenging, our program aims to provide interesting topics to help demonstrate to children how they can think differently and creatively.

The Secret to Thinking Laterally
Lateral thinking plays an integral role in societal advancement and idea creation, but how does it really work? And how can children think laterally? To answer this question, we must first notice that lateral thinking, just like numeracy, literacy, music, or sport, is a skill – and so, like any skill, can be developed with proper training.

1) Children are presented with a problem to explore.
2) They are then inspired by an alternate way of approaching the problem.
3) Children learn to apply these creative techniques to conventional problems.
4) Finally, children explore lateral thinking at its core, as they create their own complex problems and challenge others to learn.

Video Lessons
These video lessons are easy to follow with popular topics, which are taught using our creative approach.

Topics covered in our lateral thinking program are designed for children in years 5/6.

Watch our 5-minute sample lesson to experience how we can train your child to think differently.

Online Exercises
Interactive content and engaging questions are supported by our online platform. These exercises are designed to help your child master creative techniques, so that they can start looking at problems from innovative or non-traditional perspectives, rather than opting for the obvious answer. They can also set their own flexible pace of learning.
Why choose our Program?
We understand the importance of stimulating creative and lateral thinking skills in young children. Thus, we have developed a lateral thinking program based on our own structured lateral thinking model. We have successfully run this program (Logic and Lateral Thinking) on several occasions at the University of New South Wales (GERRIC program), with consistently positive feedback from both parents and students.
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Lateral Thinking

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Recommended for children in years 5-6.

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