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Do you want to inspire your child by learning creative math techniques that are beyond the school curriculum?

As parents, it is always encouraging to learn that your child excels in math at school and wants to learn more. However, it is stressful to watch when your child loses interest and gets held back by the rigid school system. Unfortunately, the strict curriculum means that your child will only learn math in a certain prescribed manner. No wonder they find math boring and repetitive, they are taught that there is only one way to do math!

We understand, and we are here to spark excitement and create an empowering journey through learning math from a different perspective. Our speed math programs’ unique perspective is eye-opening for students and encourages them to actively engage in out-of-the-box thinking, learning beyond the conventional school syllabus.

We offer two online Speed Math programs:

    1. Our introductory program, “Speed Maths for the Creative Mind”, begins with mathematical techniques that focus on strengthening mental mathematics ability. It concludes with the application of these skills to challenging worded problems.

    2. Our advanced program, “Speed Maths for the Creative Mind (Advanced)”, builds on the strengths of the introductory program with a strong focus on how to creatively apply mathematics using non-traditional techniques.

These programs are available online, providing an opportunity for parents to learn alongside their children and be directly involved in their educational journey. Using our system, your child can also set his/her own flexible pace of learning. In addition, by joining our social media group, you will gain direct access to the author of our questions, which enables you or your child to have your questions clarified.

After completing our programs, your child will have a different mindset towards learning math. They will be amazed by the easy-to-learn techniques that they don’t get to learn at school, and they will definitely be eager to learn more.

To improve your child’s interest, confidence, speed and accuracy in math, enroll in our online Speed Math programs today.

Click here for the topics covered in our Introductory Program.

Click here for the topics covered in our Advanced Program.

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