Why You’ll Love our Science AR App
Does your child love to construct science experiments at home? Difficult to visualise the science behind the experiments? Want to bring science to life? Access Cato Science AR App anytime, to let your child enjoy learning science with Cato’s interactive explanations.
Interactive Education
In our app, 3D models and animated particles help your child see the science behind the experiments. Move closer to view gas molecules moving inside a balloon, or pick up a magnet to observe its shape.
Experiments at your Fingertips
Construct your own simple motor and watch the electric currents move, and discover how you can make rainbow flowers by experimenting with plants. Control the temperature of gas inside a balloon and watch as the particles move. Reveal the science behind these experiments and more with Cato Science AR.
See the Magic of Science
Enjoy learning science from the comfort of your own physical surroundings – all you need is a flat surface and your device. Follow along with step-by-step explanations, including commentary and subtitles. Experience the magic of AR education with practical science at your fingertips.
Try three of our experiments for free now by downloading the Cato Science AR App below:
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